Here is a small selection of the reviews people have given us over the years.

Hay Fever:

“My hay fever was 80% better after the first treatment and completely gone after the second” – PR, Tunbridge Wells


“You treated me for hay fever 10 years ago and it has never come back” – DC, Tunbridge Wells

“My daughter was sneezing continuously every 2-3 minutes all day long until she fell asleep exhausted. Conventional medication didn’t touch it. After the first session her eyes stopped itching and her nose was running less. After the 2nd treatment the sneezing just stopped completely. It was a miracle – no more sneezing or blocked nose, even though the pollen count stayed high. It’s amazing.” – TC, Paddock Wood

“I have been very impressed by the improvements in my various allergies. I noticed massive improvements particularly with my hayfever. For example on one of the days I had treatment I had been sneezing and sniffing all morning but then not at all after the treatment! I am a science teacher and I recommended the Boulderstone Technique to one of my students as his allergies were so bad that he used to get through a whole box of tissues in one lesson. The next time he came for a lesson he did not need a single tissue. I was amazed, even though I had been through the same process myself. It is hard to believe, even when the evidence is right in front of you.”  – SR,  Forest Row

Food intolerance and IBS:

“I went to see Katharine after I was diagnosed with IBS. She quickly established that I had an intolerance to wheat, grapes and white wine. I cut out wheat and wine from my diet for two weeks, then gradually introduced them again after she worked on me. My symptoms such as bloatedness, constipation and indigestion had disappeared, never to return again. I also had a cat allergy, getting severe rashes if I so much as went near my cat. This was also sorted out in one session.” – ES, Tunbridge Wells

Animal allergies:

“My son and I were both having terrible reactions to our cat. Ben was able to stroke the cat straight after the treatment and was fine. We’ve been fine ever since – no more itching and streaming, even with the cat on our lap.” – S, Tunbridge Wells

Holistic cure:

“In a total of 5 sessions Katharine sorted out my panic attacks and anxiety, completely got rid of my hayfever, sorted out my allergy to my dog and other animals, cleared my candida and got me to change my diet. Now I feel calm and positive and can cope in situations that brought on anxiety before. My breathing is easier, I no longer sneeze every morning and my headaches have gone. I feel really well and energetic.”  –  SS, Tunbridge Wells

Anxiety, Panic attacks and PTSD:

“There’s been a massive improvement. My breathing is better. I haven’t had any more anxiety or panic attacks. I feel absolutely fine now.” –  EH, Brighton, after just one treatment session.

“I wanted to say thanks. My anxiety has completely gone, my posture has improved and I feel more in control. In fact it’s amazing!” – RT, London

“I feel extraordinarily peaceful. I’m living more with my whole being – not just in my head. Carefree. I don’t feel anxious now – I’m here in the moment and whatever happens is OK.”  –  SD, Brighton

“No panic attacks, no depression, no anxiety. When I think about how I was…’s a miracle.”  –  SS, Tunbridge Wells

Chronic pain:

“The Boulderstone Technique is working brilliantly with my endometriosis pain – it’s absolutely fantastic – it just keeps taking it away. It works much better than painkillers so I’m absolutely delighted.”  –  JE, London

Eye spasm:

“You and The Boulderstone Technique brought about a complete cure of the continuous spasm in my eyes and saved me from a lifetime on steroids, which is all the medical profession could offer. Nothing short of a miracle.”  – RS, Brighton

MS Treatment reviews:

“I am eternally grateful for the Boulderstone Technique for absolutely turning my life around. I was in a bad way when I first came to see John and now I’m fine. I hardly ever need to see him now.” – Faris, London

“I found The Boulderstone Technique when I really needed it and it was one of the best decisions of my life. It feels wonderful to know that I have control over my condition and to see the direct link between emotional and physical well-being. I have recommended my closest friends to visit In The Clear for various illnesses as I know that they will have the same miraculous results that I have experienced. TBT has changed my life and helped me to take control of every aspect of it. I feel positive about the future as I am now able to stop my symptoms and have even prevented symptoms from developing in the early stages – all without medication or any side-effects! 

I have not had any relapses for five years.” – Victoria, Twickenham

“I’ve been fine – I feel fine. No symptoms at all. I’ve gone back to work and I’m living a normal life, doing very well. The treatment was very helpful, including psychologically. It was a really positive experience; I gained control over myself. I still do the exercises three times a week as a routine, especially if I’m feeling stressed. The Boulderstone Technique was definitely well worth the money – I’d have paid more; I would have found the money somehow. When you are first diagnosed, MS is your whole world; but now I don’t feel like a poorly person; I don’t feel I’ve got an illness.

I don’t feel I have MS. But other people still think I’ve got MS – the label sticks. But I don’t see any doctors about MS – I don’t need to. Even the symptoms I came with have gone completely. The past issues and stress that caused the MS symptoms, I have learnt to deal with them better. I look at things more positively. I can’t control life, but I deal with things as they come up. I’m much more hopeful about the future now, expecting to be okay and not expecting anything to get worse.

I have been symptom free for 8 years now and really cannot measure how much positivity I gained from being a part of your healing.” – Fran, Leeds

International patients:

“It is worth me travelling from the Middle East to see John, which I do on a regular basis.”  –  Dr TM

“We wouldn’t bother getting up at 5am and spending the day travelling from Norway if it didn’t work. It is well worth the time and money, even with the airfare.”  –  Lorraine from Norway