How does The Boulderstone Technique work?

Most people hold some hidden tension in the body due to the stresses of normal life. The trouble begins when these stresses are particularly severe or long-lasting or just not dealt with. They may be caused by ongoing physical problems like repetitive strains, allergies or food sensitivities. Or they may come from unresolved trauma or emotional upsets.

When the tension, which goes deeper than simple muscle tension, is held in the body it builds up and causes restrictions in the flow of vitality, leading to symptoms of illness.

The best way of removing these symptoms and get back to real health is to remove the stresses.

How do we do this? Boulderstone Technique practitioners are trained to locate the tension and then release it. We work through the different stress issues one by one until the problems go and you have more available energy to live a healthy life. The results can be achieved incredibly quickly.

If you want to understand more about the Boulderstone Technique we recommend reading the book Living With Vitality.