Here at In The Clear we treat the whole family.  The In The Clear healing centre is the home of the Boulderstone Technique.

The Boulderstone Technique is a healing technique that helps relieve symptoms in people from all health backgrounds. From people suffering with allergies like hay-fever and allergies to their pets to people with Multiple Sclerosis, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and other issues.

We see people of all ages and backgrounds who have life force issues which may or may not lead to a diagnosable illness.

“Everyone does one of two things with difficult emotional experiences: they either store them or they process them. When they are stored or suppressed they stay with you but when they are processed the difficulty is gone forever.” John Boulderstone

John and Katharine Boulderstone are the pioneers of the Boulderstone Technique. A healing technique built from years of experience in the field.

They established and ran the well known Helios Clinic in Tunbridge Wells for ten years. All the experience they had gathered between them led them to set up the Boulderstone Centre for Life Force Healing.

From there they went on to open In the Clear, a walk-in clinic in Tunbridge Wells and have been taking this healing centre from strength to strength.

They have both taught at the School of Homoeopathy, the Dynamis School, the Welsh School and the Burren School in Ireland. John has also taught in United States and New Zealand. They are both fully qualified practitioners and have comprehensive insurance.

If you would like to know more check out our videos and blog. You can also purchase and check out our book here.

You can find our prices here. Our pricing is tailored to the clients needs. Some people will find they only need one treatment and others with more complex needs might find they need to arrange a set of treatments. When we meet we will be able to set you up with a clear payment plan.