Processing Fears

It is natural for children to be a bit nervous of the dark. They can’t see what is there and can imagine monsters and all sorts. They need to learn to process their fears and move on. If they do get stuck with a distressing fear, we can help. They only have to mention the monsters under the bed or how it feels when mummy turns the light out for us to be able to feel the energy of the fear that they feel. We gently guide them through it and help them process the fear until it has completely cleared. No more monsters under the bed!

For example, one mother brought her four-year-old along as he was too frightened to go to bed on his own and was having nightmares. After two sessions she reported that he now goes to bed on his own without any fuss or fear and the nightmares have stopped.
Adults with fear of the dark or fear of going to sleep can also be helped.

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