Fear of Death

When someone close to you dies it is natural to grieve over a period of weeks or months, going through the various feelings of denial, anger and sadness. Sometimes grief gets stuck because it hasn’t been allowed to process fully and a person may need help in releasing it. We have helped many people through the grieving process.
One consequence of bereavement can be that someone gets a bit fixated on their own mortality, realising that they too could die at any time. They may obsess about their health, worried they will develop the same cancer or heart condition as the parent who died. They are facing their own fear of death and it can be a paralysing fear. We regularly treat people for this with good results.
Fear of death can also be the outcome of other forms of trauma such as nearly dying in an accident, operation or in battle. You may experience this fear directly or it may be hidden under obsessive thoughts you have invented to distract from the underlying fear of death. For example, a woman who had survived a nasty road accident as a child developed a phobia of cars parked outside her house.
When people are free of the fear of death it is an extraordinary liberation, allowing people to live fuller and happier lives.

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