Stress and Trauma

When you understand how stress and trauma are stored in the body, and how it is released, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can become a thing of the past – in moments. Until that time everything you do will make slow progress. Indeed, you may not make any progress at all.

If you talk about the problem, take medication or try CBT without understanding how stress and trauma are stored any work done on them will be a bit like fiddling while Rome burns.

Stress and trauma are stored in the body not in the mind or thought processes. We know this because we have removed it, using our technique, from hundreds of people. We have used our technique on ourselves and many others.

The Boulderstone Technique removes PTSD by getting the patient to feel a small bit of their trauma (not to talk about it but actually feel it) and we grab that bit before it squirms away. By holding this small bit of trauma, which is not overwhelming to the patient, we can get it processed and transform it into peace.

By grabbing just a small piece of the trauma makes it so much easier to transform. ALL major traumas can be broken down into smaller pieces as long as you don’t talk about them or give them labels. Holding the small trauma and allowing it to express itself is enough to let it disperse and that is what our technique is all about.

The process is repeated over and over until all the trauma has gone. Usually, this takes less than fifteen minutes regardless of the original severity.

One day all trauma will be dispersed this way because it is quick, efficient and easy.

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