In The Clear is a family friendly healing centre in Tunbridge Wells. We are a team of practitioners who use The Boulderstone Technique and we treat people for a spectrum of illness and allergies.

For more comprehensive information on The Boulderstone Technique please visit   www.boulderstonetechnique.com

We welcome all enquiries and are happy to chat to you about your personal interest in our treatment.


The Boulderstone Technique

The Boulderstone Technique treatment

The Boulderstone Technique does not ask a lot from patients. You are not required to go into great detail about your condition like you might expect from a treatment that deals with anxiety, PTSD, grief or emotional problems as we do.

Instead, you are taken up to the treatment area and have a chance to talk in confidence to the practitioner helping you with your treatment. Once you are both clear about the problem you will be asked to lie on the treatment couch. There is a cushion for your knees to relieve any pressure on the back.

The Boulderstone Technique practitioner then gently holds your head so that together you can work through and process your allergy or focus symptom. All we need from you is a relaxed mind and body and the willingness to focus.

We are currently running a campaign to help people with anxiety and PTSD. If you are a veteran, care leaver or refugee please get in touch. We are offering free treatments to these deserving people.

Allergy Testing

The test takes about 30 minutes, with instant results, including an estimate of how many optional clearing sessions may be needed. No blood, no hair, no scratches. We literally feel your reaction to substances placed on you.

Our standard test consists of finding sensitivities to:

Apple, Barley, Cat hair, Cocoa, Coconut, Coffee, Dairy – cow’s milk, Dairy – goat’s milk, Dairy – lactose, Dairy – sheep’s milk, Dog hair, Dust, Egg, Feathers, Garlic, Grasses – mixed, Honey, Nuts – mixed, Oats, Onion, Peanuts, Pollen – Flowers, Pollen – Trees, Pollen – Rapeseed, Potatoes, Raisins/grapes, Rice, Rye, Seafood/Fish, Seeds(sunflower, sesame, pumpkin), Soya, Strawberry, Sweetcorn, Tea, Tomato, Wheat, Wheat – Spelt, Wine – red, Wine – white and Yeast.

We can also add in any extra substances you want tested, at no extra charge. We also remove most sensitivities.

“My son had a mild nut allergy. After just one session he was able to eat all manner of nuts without the side effects of an itchy mouth and throat which he used to suffer with.” – ES, Tunbridge Wells

“I have been very impressed by the improvements in my various allergies. I noticed massive improvements particularly with my hayfever. For example on one of the days I had treatment I had been sneezing and sniffing all morning but then not at all after the treatment! I am a science teacher and I recommended the Boulderstone Technique to one of my students as his allergies were so bad that he used to get through a whole box of tissues in one lesson. The next time he came for a lesson he did not need a single tissue. I was amazed, even though I had been through the same process myself. It is hard to believe, even when the evidence is right in front of you.” – SR, Forest Row

“I am forever indebted to the Boulderstone Technique for bringing much needed relief to me and members of my family with this alternative method of working when conventional drugs had stopped working.”


Here at In The Clear we treat the whole family.  The In The Clear allergy & health centre is the home of The Boulderstone Technique.

The Boulderstone Technique is a healing technique that helps relieve symptoms in people from all health backgrounds. From people suffering with allergies like hay fever and food sensitivities to people with Multiple Sclerosis, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and other issues.

We see people of all ages and backgrounds who have life force issues which may or may not lead to a diagnosable illness.

“Everyone does one of two things with difficult emotional experiences: they either store them or they process them. When they are stored or suppressed they stay with you but when they are processed the difficulty is gone forever.” John Boulderstone

John and Katharine Boulderstone are the pioneers of The Boulderstone Technique, a healing technique built from years of experience in the field.

They established and ran the well known Helios Clinic in Tunbridge Wells for ten years. All the experience they had gathered between them led them to set up the Boulderstone Centre for Life Force Healing.

From there they went on to open In the Clear, a walk-in clinic in Tunbridge Wells and have been taking this healing centre from strength to strength.

They have both taught at the School of Homoeopathy, the Dynamis School, the Welsh School and the Burren School in Ireland. John has also taught in United States and New Zealand. They are both fully qualified practitioners and have comprehensive insurance.

Adele Rogers

Adele trained as a dancer with Rambert School of Ballet and enjoyed a career in dance, theatre and television for 20 years.

After meeting John and Katharine Boulderstone 20 years ago, she trained and taught on John’s life force yoga teacher training courses and learned the healing art of the Boulderstone Technique.

Adele currently teaches yoga and yoga therapy to all levels, ages and abilities. This enables her to meet people from all walks of life, helping with her understanding of what hinders and heals (helps) people through their various experiences. She can also now be found practising The Boulderstone Technique at “In The Clear” Allergy & Health Centre every Monday from 10am-5pm.

If you would like to know more check out our videos and blog. You can also purchase and check out our book here.

You can find our prices here. Our pricing is tailored to the clients needs. Some people will find they only need one treatment and others with more complex needs might find they need to arrange a set of treatments. When we meet we will be able to set you up with a clear payment plan.

Please note that this is a teaching clinic and you may occasionally be asked if you would mind having a student practitioner sit in on your consultation. You can say no.



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Open from Monday to Saturday, 10am – 5pm.

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In The Clear – Healing centre is located at:
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